Pizza Bat, originally known as Pizza Butt, is a recurring antagonist in the No More Heroes series. They are a pizza chain operating in Santa Destroy and the primary competition to Suplex Pizza.


No More HeroesEdit

In No More Heroes, Pizza Butt (as it was known at the time) is the subject of a small series of Assassination Gigs that Travis Touchdown takes on from K-Entertainment. Pizza Butt has only just began in Santa Destroy, and for unknown reasons K-Entertainment is issuing a mission to assassinate the CEO, presumably the father of the Batt family. The jobs continue later on with two more missions involving killing the replacement CEOs, presumably two of the brothers of the Batt family. Both Travis and the player deal with these as little more than filler jobs.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate StruggleEdit

In the three years between No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Pizza Butt comes to be under the management of the third brother of the Batt family, Jasper Batt Jr. The name is changed from Pizza Butt to Pizza Bat and they establish a bat logo, presumably so they can be taken more seriously, and in the absence of Travis taking on assassination missions, they grow exponentially until they become one of the most powerful forces in Santa Destroy, opening a massive mall and base of operations across the street from the Motel "NO MORE HEROES". As revenge for the deaths of the previous three CEOs, Jasper hires the Quintet to murder Randall Lovikov and Georgy Bishop, some of Travis' best friends, as well as allying with Skelter Helter. This motivates Travis to climb the ranks of the United Assassins Association for the second time, eventually killing Jasper and presumably taking down Pizza Bat for good.

Heavy thugs in Desperate Struggle eat Pizza Bat pizza while idling around during Ranking Battles.

Travis Strikes Again: No More HeroesEdit

In the intro to Life is Destroy, the gamer Mr. Doppelganger kills was eating Pizza Bat at the time.


  • Jasper Batt Jr.
  • Jasper's father and two brothers
  • Several bodyguards
  • A large amount of minor fighters in the No More Heroes 2
  • The Quintet
  • An assassin dressed in blue who looks very similar to Travis, seen in No More Heroes 1.5
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