Phantom Smiles (ファントムスマイル, Fantomusumairu) are enemies featured in killer7, and a special kind of Heaven Smile. First encountered at Restaurant Fukushima during the first half of Target01: Sunset, they are arguably one of the trickier varieties to deal with.

Phantom Smiles are characterised by their warped and distorted appearance, as well as their unique teleportation ability. One part of their body (either the head or arm) appears grossly enlarged; shooting this instantly kills them. However, if you miss and hit any other part of their body, or simply shoot somewhere in close proximity to them, they will warp directly in front of you and detonate almost immediately. This makes them a major threat not only during their first appearance at the Restaurant Fukushima Vinculum Gate, but also on killer8 mode, where the player must take care to be especially accurate with their shots.

If they are a fair distance away, using KAEDE is usually the safest way to dispatch them. It is possible to actually kill them if they teleport in front of you by either hitting their weak spot or countering at the correct time, although this generally proves too difficult to justify the risk.

Iwazaru Note Description

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Phantom. It's overactive imagination has caused local physical enlargement. Go for the gigantic portion. If you miss, it will teleport. Once that happens, you can't run. Rid us of this ghastly apparition. In the name of Harman...


  1. This music only plays during the first encounter in the Restaurant Fukushima Vinculum Gate.
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