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Pedro Montana (ペドロ・モンタナ, Pedoro Montana) is a character in killer7. He is a former agent of the Seattle Self-Defense Department and a member of Curtis Blackburn's organ smuggling ring.


It is revealed during the events of Target03: Encounter that Pedro is responsible for Dan Smith's death at Curtis' hands; all three were members of the SDD, but when Pedro decided to take more than his agreed share of the proceedings gained from their underhand dealings he set up Dan as a scapegoat[1]. Dan was given the task of laundering the money Pedro was secretly transferring to a foreign company, but Pedro deliberately informed Curtis of this 'betrayal'. Dan was shot to death, and Pedro and Curtis were left as the two principal members of the crime syndicate.

Pedro and Curtis later set up an organ smuggling ring by manipulating the Seattle Immigration Department and forming an underground trafficking network for unregistered orphans, whose organs would later be harvested and sold. The two assumed responsibility for male and female orphans respectively. However, Pedro's ambition got the better of him when he decided to challenge Curtis' dominance of the market by encroaching on the female orphan segment. Travis mentions that this was due to the devastating effects of Heaven Smile - as a result of the global plague and a concurrent rise in contagious diseases, birthrates around the world plummeted and fresh organs were in increasingly short supply, hence control of the female orphan segment was necessary for Pedro to continue turning a profit.


As a result of this second betrayal, Curtis personally launches a bloody assault on the Immigration Department's main offices as a warning to Pedro. Sure enough, Curtis later tracks his partner down to a local squash court, and, in one of the game's most infamous scenes, reveals to Pedro that he has raped his wife Pamela and killed his son Paul (not to mention gunned down most of the staff at the court). When Pedro asks what happened to his daughter Mary, Curtis simply sighs and tosses her severed head in front of him. As Pedro cradles her head in his arms, wailing with grief, Curtis shoots him repeatedly in the back of the skull before walking away.


  1. It is not entirely clear if Dan was a member of the organ smuggling ring or was simply involved in the SDD's general criminal activities. In hand in killer7 Pedro and Curtis are described as having set up the organ smuggling ring in 1987, 12 years after Dan is shot dead by Curtis, but in the final game no distinction is made as to whether or not this chronology still applies.
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