The Parliamentary Battleship Nagata is a location in Liberation Maiden. It is a mobile floating fortress which serves as the headquarters of the government of New Japan, and as such acts as the base of the resistance efforts against The Dominion.

The Nagata was designed using New Japan's 'natural mechanical sciences', which also produced the Kaihoki Kamui, and was constructed during the presidency of Yokuichiro Ozora. Following the election of Shoko Ozora as Yokuichiro's successor, the battleship sets out to accompany Shoko in her efforts against the Dominion. Kira, the First Secretary, remains behind on the battleship to provide her with tactical information and advice.

The Nagata is quite large, as it contains practically the entirety of New Japan's government. It possesses multiple conference rooms and governmental offices, although it also includes a garden planted by Shoko herself in order to partly offset its military nature.


The Nagata is named after the Nagatacho (永田町, Nagatachō) district in Tokyo, which houses the National Diet Building (the seat of the government of Japan) as well as the Prime Minister's official residence. Appropriately, the Battleship Nagata contains both the functional headquarters of the New Japanese government as well as Shoko Ozora's personal residence. The district is often used as a metonym for the Japanese government as a whole, similar to the usage of Westminster to refer to the UK government as a whole.

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