The Heavy Cutter Loader Papa Carlo is a boss featured in Sine Mora. It is fought by GARAI 74/22876 at the end of STAGE - IV.B.

The Papa Carlo is a large Layil Empire mining vehicle similar in appearance to a real-world bucket-wheel excavator. When it is first encountered the Papa Carlo crawls along the ground on four caterpillar tracks, but it soon stands upright and assumes a quadrupedal posture, with the crawler systems acting as legs. The Papa Carlo is primarily equipped with a huge wrecking ball and a bucket wheel large enough to have several rooms attached to it. The machine is protected by multiple laser turrets, as well as a rocket launcher mounted on the head area. Rubble and other pieces of refuse can also be ejected from the 'head' as a defense mechanism.

The Papa Carlo first appears near the end of the stage, where it attempts to smash GARAI with its wrecking ball. GARAI evades the Papa Carlo's attacks and proceeds to destroy it from the ground up, resulting in the Papa Carlo's head unit detaching from its body and causing the mech to crash to the ground.

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