The Overpass is a location in killer7. Situated in Seattle, Washington (possibly over the Interstate 90), it is the usual rendezvous point of Garcian Smith and Christopher Mills when the latter needs to convey critical information and assignment briefs to the former. At the end of Sunset, the two witness the missiles flying overhead on their way to destroy Japan. It is also the site of Mills's assassination at the hands of Linda Vermillion, when he is about to reveal too much of Garcian's past to him.

On the english version of the killer7 website the overpass is referred to as the Costello Bridge, although it is never named in-game.[1]


  1. Mills meets Garcian, the contact of the Killer7 at the usual place. Mills informs Garcian about the next assassination target at the Costello Bridge. (killer7 website, Grasshopper Manufacture)
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