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No More Heroes Flash Games: Chapter Shuperutaiga (NO MORE HEROES FLASH ゲーム 「シュペルタイガー編」) is a racing video game for the i-mode. It is one of three spin-offs of the No More Heroes series developed by Marvelous Mobile Games, an i-mode division of Marvelous Entertainment, and was released in Japan on July 8, 2008. The game costs 100 points to download. The premise of Chapter Shuperutaiga involves Travis Touchdown racing to Sylvia Christel's house on his Schpeltiger after receiving a phone call from her. Along the way, Touchdown must evade manholes and street lamps in his path, which will deal damage if he collides with them. Points are also gained by jumping ramps in the street. Like in No More Heroes, the Schpeltiger has the ability to boost its speed temporarily.

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