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Myryan Magusa is a character in the video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Myryan Magusa is an anthropomorphic rabbit with white fur. A repairwoman,[1] she wears a pair of overalls over a blue shirt, with a red hat, a stereo headset, gloves and red sneakers. Magusa keeps assorted tools in the pockets of her overalls. She uses a voice box wrapped around her neck to speak, having had laryngeal cancer from a young age.[1] Magusa's blood type is O.[1]

Magusa is an Enkie refugee,[1] her nation having been assimilated into the Layil Empire years ago.[1] However, she keeps this information private; were it ever to be discovered that she was an Enkie, she would be immediately locked away. Ronotra Koss, having discovered this, uses it as leverage to force her to help him exact vengeance upon the Empire. Magusa, on the other hand, neither sympathizes for him nor his cause, simply wishing to escape his influence and be left in peace, even to the point that she wishes for him to die.

Backstory Edit

Myryan used to be an happy Enkie child,until her parents were killed during the constant Layil Empire attacks.After this,Myryan was captured and victim of rape by the Enkie Regis Pyre,which in fact,was the one of the seven Enkies along with Koss's son Argus aboard the Cobalt King.At some point of her life,Myryan developed laryngeal cancer,losing her capability of talk so she uses an talking device over her neck.


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