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Mrs. Christel (クリステルさん, Kurisuteru-san) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. She is the mother of Sylvia Christel. After ranking second in the United Assassins Association, Travis Touchdown becomes agitated by the disappearance of Sylvia and tries contacting her via the UAA's hotline. An older woman answers the phone, shortly after which she reveals herself to be Sylvia's mother. When Touchdown asks about the Association, Mrs. Christel sighs in disappointment, and shocks Touchdown with the revelation that the United Assassins Association does not exist. She goes on to tell him that Sylvia is a professional con artist, and that Touchdown is not the first assassin whom she has fooled. Despite the ruse, Mrs. Christel goads Touchdown into facing the first ranked assassin, in order to finish what he has been thrust into.


Some fans consider the reliability of Mrs. Christel's revelations, and even existence, to be questioned by the sequel, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which portrays the UAA rankings as much more legitimate than in the first game, even showing the UAA to have an office. Because Mrs. Christel and Sylvia share the same voice actress, Paula Tiso, some believe that Mrs. Christel may have been fabricated by Sylvia; however, in the credits for the first game, Sylvia and her mother are listed as separate characters. Another possibility is that the UAA grew in scope and power vastly from the first game to the second, or that Sylvia told her mother that it wasn't legitimate so she wouldn't be concerned.

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