Doppelganger Patrick Granada Jr., better known by his pseudonym Mr. Doppelganger, is a character in the video game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. He is based on the serial killer Doppelganger and is encountered by Travis Touchdown in the fictional video game Life is Destroy.


Battling through Life is Destroy, Touchdown eventually comes face to face with Mr. Doppelganger, who questions why Touchdown, also a killer, would stand in his way. Touchdown disagrees with Doppelganger's claims of professionalism, saying he is simply psychotic. He goes on to belittle Life is Destroy and its developer, however Doppelganger retorts this, praising the developer before cryptically adding that they created each other. Touchdown loses his patience with Doppelganger's deluded regard for himself and a fight ensues.

During their battle, Touchdown wounds Doppelganger multiple times, causing him to try new attacks against Touchdown. After more damage another phase begins and Touchdown jokingly ponders aloud if Doppelganger will mutate into a hulking monster. Doppelganger replies that this transformation was suggested by the developer but was scrapped over concerns with the game's specs.

When he is defeated by Touchdown, Doppelganger asserts as his victim they really are alike. Touchdown does not back down and continues to accuse Doppelganger of being a simply greedy killer made worse by lacking human emotion. Both debate for a short time whether or not this is true before Touchdown prepares to finish Doppelganger for good. Now facing death, Doppelganger panics and calls for his mother but begins to laugh maniacally when Touchdown calls his cries pathetic. White Sheepman arrives, disclosing to Touchdown that the Doppelganger in the real world is still at large, before expelling Touchdown from the game.

Contemplating his fight with Doppelganger later, Touchdown again reflects on empty Doppelganger's killing instincts were, motivated by nothing more than ending life. Remembering White Sheepman's words, he notes that the real Doppelganger is still on the run, likely searching for his daughter.


  • It is implied that the developer of Life is Destroy is the real world Doppelganger's daughter. In his conversation with Touchdown, he refers to the developer multiple times as female and praises her genius. Doppelganger even plainly states he created her and she created him, suggesting the real life Patrick Granada Jr. had a child who grew up to program the digital version of Mr. Doppelganger.


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