Mr. A is the name given to a character featured in hand in killer7. He is a scientist who reveals during an interview with Jack Foley that he is involved in the creation of new varieties of Heaven Smiles. His testimony confirms what the game hints at several times: most Heaven Smiles are directly created by Kun Lan's God Hand itself, but after Mr. A and two other scientists discovered how to artificially alter the characteristics of the light emanating from the hand they began to develop new types of Smiles.

Mr. A reveals that he and his colleagues originally sided with Kun Lan because they sympathized with his ideals, calling him a 'leader of our times'; however, he repaid their assistance by slowly transforming them into Heaven Smiles themselves. The scientist explains to Foley that his two colleagues have already fully become Smiles, but mere seconds later begins to laugh uncontrollably and transforms into a Smile himself. Terrified, Foley runs away and leaves Mr. A to his gruesome fate.

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