Mother Smiles (マザースマイル, Mazāsumairu) are enemies featured in killer7, and a variety of Heaven Smiles. They are first fought in the KAKU Building during the second half of Target01: Sunset.

Mother Smiles are essentially smaller, mobile versions of Duplicator Smiles, and as such are capable of spawning Egg Smiles. They are roughly three-four times larger than the average Smile, and move about using their long, gangly arms. Their torso features a large yellow core, like those of the Duplicators, which must be shot repeatedly in order to kill it. Below the waist the Smile's torso degenerates into a mass of tentacles and growths from which Egg Smiles emerge. If left alone the Mother Smile will simply stand there and occasionally produce invisible Egg Smiles; however, if the player gets too near or shoots it enough it will start to quickly walk on its hands towards them.

The best way of dealing with a Mother Smile is to hit its core with a powerful special attack like Dan's Collateral Shot, which will kill it instantly. It is still possible to kill it normally at this point by shooting the core, but this is often tricky to accomplish before the Smile reaches the player.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy spits eggs. This "Mother" acts like a miniature egg-layer. It lays enemies indefinitely. The Hellion's Demon Shells should do the trick. Stop this vile procreation at once! In the name of Harman...
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