Moonlight Syndrome (ムーンライトシンドローム) is a video game developed and published by Human Entertainment, written and directed by SUDA51 - his final game before forming Grasshopper Manufacture. The game was released only in Japan for the PlayStation. It is a sequel to the Towairaito Shindoromu games. The game takes place barely a year after the events of the previous two.


  • プロローグ PROLOGUE
  • 夢題 MOWDAI
  • 奏遇 SOWGUW
  • 片倫 HENLIN
  • 浮誘 FUYOU
  • 電破 DENPOW
  • 開扉 KAIBYO
  • 慟悪 DOWAKU
  • エピローグ EPILOGUE


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