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Mithril Smiles (ミスリルスマイル, Misurirusumairu) are enemies in killer7, and a variety of Heaven Smile. They are first encountered by the Smith Syndicate in the Vinculum Gate at ISZK-LAND during Target03: Encounter.

Mithril Smiles are characterised by their silvery, metallic protective armour and the distinctive clanking noise they make as they slowly walk towards the player. This armour covers the majority of their body, although their joints, hands, feet and face are left exposed. If the player shoots the armour enough it will shatter to reveal a normal Heaven Smile underneath, which will then run towards the player. However, since the armour does not entirely cover the Smile's body, the player can still land a Critical Hit on a weak spot instead of shooting its armour off.

Kess BloodySunday Description

  • How cool! What beautiful colours! Like a hero, a fighter of justice! But guess what happened next! That beautiful luster - no more! The armour crumbled... and it revealed a monster...The truth was...a monster! I can't believe they lied to me! Adults are the suck!

Iwazaru Note Description

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy are called the Mithril, armored soldiers. They're equipped with armor on their bodies. Even if you destroy the tough, outer shell, the enemy inside will come and attack. Is that like a 2-for-1 special? You should finish them off as quick as you can. Don't allow them the pleasure of existence. In the name of Harman...


  1. This music only plays during the first encounter in the ISZK-LAND Vinculum Gate.
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