Miss Jacob is a device in the video game killer7 which predicts the outcomes of future events. FBI agent Jaco Checkbox gains access to the object, as detailed in the Jaco's Report in Hand in killer7.

Miss Jacob predicts the future with a probability ratio of 1:315.5. When one of its predictions comes true, the probability ratio of subsequent predictions decreases (making the next event more likely to occur). Also known as "The Simulation", it was created by the government as the result of an experimental research project from 1997. It makes its predictions by analyzing immense amounts of data about the world; however, it is said that the Heaven Smiles are too numerous for Miss Jacob to analyze for the purpose of combating them. At the onset of Jaco's reports, the record number of correct predictions was 47.

The use of Miss Jacob was supposed to be restricted to the President, but Checkbox illegally uses Miss Jacob to predict the appearance of the Last Shot Smile in order to ensure its destruction. The chain that lead to the Smile's appearance consisted of 49 events, which Jaco worked to make sure came true, setting up many of the events of killer7 behind the scenes. However, late in his report, Jaco noticed that Miss Jacob was a "farce". Although he does not specify how he discovered this, it is implied that Miss Jacob was merely giving Jaco information about the history of the world that had already been decided years ago when "history became maligned" in 1975.


  • Miss Jacob is very similar to Catherine, in that both are computers with special powers and both are referred to as female. They also both act as the partner of the protagonist of their story.
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