Mingo Head is a character in LET IT DIE.

It resembles a hovering jellyfish. Its huge brain is encased in a glass bubble structure, kept in the air by what appear to be two rapidly-spinning moped tires. Colourful tentacles resembling component cables hang from its main body.

Mingo Head remains at Bottom of Barbs at all times, near the elevator and escalator. When a Fighter returns from an expedition, Mingo Head automatically extracts all of the Kill Coins and SPLithium he or she collected while they were out. Fighters can also visit Mingo Head to spend accumulated Experience Points to improve their attributes and capabilities. Mingo Head interfaces with Fighters by inserting the prongs on the end of its tentacles into the metal ports on a Fighter's body, mainly at the base of his or her skull.

Because Mingo Head is incapable of communicating and interactions with the player are extremely limited, its personality, if it has one, its level of intelligence, its gender, if applicable, and so forth are impossible to know. He, she, or it may possess a human or greater intelligence, or it may be a barely cognitive animal.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to Mingo Head's jellyfish-like layout and sucking tentacles, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the [1]s from the series of video games.
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