Mika Takekawa is a character in Killer Is Dead. She is a 20-year-old Japanese woman who acts as Mondo Zappa's personal assistant. The two met each other at a 'certain event', after which they moved in with each other. She is skilled at cooking half-boiled eggs, Mondo's favourite food, and has a rather scatterbrained personality.

When Mondo runs out of health, Mika will rush to his aid and resuscitate him at the cost of one Mika Ticket, of which he is allotted three at the beginning of each episode and can buy more at the Gift Shop. When the Bryan Execution Firm receives a miniature sun, she is the first to touch it, and is later said to be its master, suggesting that she represents the sun within the game. This makes sense thematically as Mondo represents the Earth, on which life exists thanks to the sun, and Mika nurtures Mondo in a similar way through cooking for and healing him.

Mika shares her name with Mika Kishi, the protagonist of Moonlight Syndrome.


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