Miike paying his respects.

Miike (三池) is a character in the video game No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. He is a fictionalized version of Japanese film director Takashi Miike, who also provided his voice. An acquaintance of Georgy Bishop, he is instructed to deliver the ROSE NASTY to Travis Touchdown. Encountering Shinobu at Bishop's grave, he entrusts her with its delivery.

Miike speaks with a heavy Japanese accent and talks of being good friends with Bishop in the form of pen pals, despite the language barrier separating them. In the first game, both Travis and Bishop are implied to be huge fans of Miike's movies, as is SUDA51 in real life.

Because he was unnamed and only briefly seen in Desperate Struggle, the character was not confirmed to be Miike until Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.[1] Previous to that his resemblance was only inferred in the Desperate Struggle script notes,[2] which also recognized Miike as Bishop's idol.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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