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Midori Midorikawa (緑川みどり) is a character who appears in Red, Blue and Green.

Appearance and personality[]

Midori Midorikawa is a young girl who hates the colour green, but is cursed by the fact her appearance and name is green. Though, her favourite colour is red. Her appearance in No More Heroes III was leaked by the presence of a png file briefly shown on Suda's laptop.

How she is originally seen.

She claims to be a "cleaner" but not the usual kind. The cleaning she does was to remove any bullying heading towards her way. She has a younger sister called Doremi Midorikawa.

History and Story[]

Red, Blue and Green.[]

She is the main protagonist of the "Green Out" chapter. After a series of events where she begins accidentally and later consciously murdering several of her fellow students with mysterious powers stemming from her fists that she has no control over, she is approached by Kurumizawa to join his union, thinking that her powers will be useful if she manages to control them.

For the Nintendo Switch port of Silver 2425, she is on the front cover of an exclusive comic that comes with the Japanese collectors edition. She is featured as a character in chapter 3 "green."

No More Heroes 3[]

Midori appears in No More Heroes 3 as a boss, being Rank 5 of the Galactic Superhero Rankings. Her new design was illustrated by manga artist Inio Asano, now sporting shorter hair, makeup, and revealing her fists to be sentient creatures whom she considers her children. She introduces herself to Travis Touchdown similarly to how she introduces herself in the original Green Out chapter, though this time sporting her favorite brand of red clothing as she claims to have gotten passed her rebellious phase. She hopes to kill Travis, mentioning that her boyfriend always talks about how great he is. During their battle, Travis severs her arms before she is ultimately saved by NT Kamui, who reveals himself to be her boyfriend. Midori explains that she never met FU and could sense Dark World energy from him, revealing herself to be a Dark World Princess, and that her and Kamui only joined the rankings because they figured it would be like a BBQ. Midori and Kamui, along with Travis and his friends, are later seen attending Badman's funeral, where she's shown to have had her arms reattached.