Micro Smiles (ミクロスマイル, Mikurosumairu) are a variety of Heaven Smile featured in killer7. They are first encountered in the Celtic Building during Target00: Angel, and appear in nearly every mission afterwards.

Micro Smiles appear as tiny, humanoid figures whose arm-shaped wings allow them to fly. If left alone they will simply float around in circles in mid-air, but if they detect the player's presence they will fly towards them, eventually exploding into a bright flash of light upon contact. This deals no damage, but obscures the player's vision for a few seconds, making it difficult to see any regular Heaven Smiles in the vicinity. Their presence in an area can be deduced from the subtle chiming noise that accompanies them, as well as their distinctive high-pitched laugh.

Their function, unlike most Smiles, is not to seek out and target normal humans, but to replenish supplies for Duplicator Smiles. Iwazaru describes them as 'delivery men' whose purpose is to sneak into areas undetected and supply the nest so it can continue producing Egg Smiles. These 'supplies' are presumably copious quantities of blood, as Micro Smiles come in two varieties: Black and Yellow, which, if shot, will completely restore the entire Smith Syndicate's health and awaken any sleeping personas, and Red and Blue, which will give the Smiths a large amount of Thick Blood.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. We're in a tight spot! Just between you and me... There's a delivery man amongst them. They need him to resupply the nest. The delivery truck is small. It's designed to go undetected. But it's stock full of supplies, so if you can take it out, the benefits will be aplenty. Black & Yellow: full recovery of the syndicates' health. Red & Blue: large blood infusion. The delivery truck attacks don't do damage, but temporarily affect your vision. Don't let this target slip by. In the name of Harman...
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