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Max Sharp is a character in LET IT DIE.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sharp maintains a gritty, tough appearance. He wears a trucker hat, and what at first appears to be a greying beard is actually a multitude of nails he's stuck in his own face - a grisly tally of the murders he's committed. Sharp has amputated his own arms and transposed them directly to the sides of his head, as he believes this allows him to tinker with greater precision. Though his head has been separated from his body, he can attach it to a huge, muscular, humanoid robot.

Based on his activities throughout his life, one infers that Sharp values self-reliance. The name of his shop, "DIY or Die," that is, "do it yourself, or die," relates this philosophy very strongly. Indeed, his habit of tinkering from a young age, going off-book, improvising, exploring principles of electricity and mechanical engineering, and inventing, implies this trait as well. When the player survives the onslaught of enemies and traps he sends after her, he even compliments her abilities.


From a young age, Sharp liked to experiment with do-it-yourself machinery and tools. In elementary school, he amputated both his own arms and attached them directly to his head, allowing him to tinker more precisely. In their place, he affixed robotic prosthetics. However, this lead to a fellow student giving him the unflattering nickname "Crab-man" for the new appearance of his head. Upset, Sharp crucified the student to a classroom wall.

Sharp grew up big and strong. By day, he operated a successful small business, DIY or Die. By night, he lead a gang armed with many of the weapons he sold at that very same shop.

One night at the bar, a couple of younger kids started mouthing off and calling him "Crab-man," like that student so long ago. Enraged, he followed them home, murdered them, and turned them into furniture. This was the beginning of a killing spree. Every time he killed, he stuck another nail in his face as a sort of tally and show of toughness.

This was all brought to an abrupt end when the Earth Rage tectonic disturbance hit while Sharp was in his workshop. A saw blade went flying, slicing his head clean off. His body was buried without his head, which ended up in the Tower of Barbs and was subsequently reanimated. He and the Fighter he was faced with square off atop a moving train, though he is ultimately defeated and killed once again.


Max Sharp will fall easily to a mere three Deathshrooms. Otherwise, it is a simple matter of dodging his charge and counterattacking, not dissimilar to the process for the battle with Coen. If you can goad him into charging into the electrified barriers surrounding the ring, he will take damage (although obviously that goes for you as well.