The Hyper Guardian Train Matouschka is a Layil Empire defense unit featured in Sine Mora. The heavily armoured train is responsible for guarding the Moneta Point research base, and is fought by Akyta Dryad as the boss of STAGE - I.B.

The Matouschka is mounted on a rail system which encircles the research base. The train is composed of a central engine and several carriages, all of which are covered in defense weaponry. The rearmost carriage is fitted with a bank of laser cannons, while the following unit acts as an aircraft carrier. This is followed by a large standalone cannon capable of firing both lasers and shells, which in turn is followed by a carriage decked out with more laser cannons. The engine itself is guarded by several defense turrets and cannons.

Destroying the Matouschka's hidden weak point is a requirement for achieving the Tempus Neminem Manet award. The weak point is the armour plating covering one of the engine's front wheels; this can only be harmed while using a Speed Up time capsule.

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