The Mask Upgrades are items in killer7. They are upgrades to MASK de Smith's costume that allow him to use new attacks. As MASK receives no unique skills from leveling up his stats, the Mask Upgraades serve as a replacement to serum for increasing MASK's abilities.

The Main EventEdit


The first upgrade is found in a treasure chest in ISZK Land during Target03: Encounter. As the "main event", MASK can reload much faster than before. MASK needs this upgrade in order to enter the second half of ISZK Land.


During the fight against The Handsome Men during Target04: Alter Ego, MASK is defeated by Handsome Purple. However, MASK suddenly revives with a new costume; in this form, he is able to charge up five vials of thin blood to fire off a special attack, which he uses to defeat Purple. He also no longer needs to reload.

Iron MaskEdit


The final upgrade to MASK can be found within one of the lockers at Coburn Elementary School during Target05: Smile. With it, MASK can fire so rapidly that he can slow down the game.

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