Maras Grim (ボクサツコ, Bokusatsuko) is a character in Shadows of the DAMNED. She is one of Fleming Whatshisfaces' special guests, and the youngest of the three Sisters Grim. Maras is the boss of Act 3-1, where she is fought in the sewers beneath the City of the Damned.

Maras is voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope.

Background[edit | edit source]

In life, Maras was a beautiful young woman who lived on a farm with her two elder sisters, Kauline and Giltine. One day, while collecting water from a nearby well she lost her balance and fell into it. Unfortunately, when Kauline tried to rescue her she fell in as well, and their loyal collie Au-Au was exploded by a sudden freak bolt of lightning. Their sister Giltine attempted to rescue them but slipped on Au-Au's remains and fell into the well. All three then presumably starved to death.

Whatshisfaces, however, took pity on the sisters and, attracted by their beauty, treated them as his adopted daughters. All three were given the unique ability to kill demons permanently, and as a result are feared throughout the City of the Damned.

It's a Bughunt[edit | edit source]

Maras is first seen shortly after Garcia defeats George Reedfor the second time, where she decapitates George for his failure to kill the demon hunter. Garcia and Johnson later run into her while exploring the underground sewers leading out of the City of the Damned and are forced to battle her. Like her sisters, Maras is capable of launching dark scythes at Garcia and inflicting heavy damage with her real scythe; however, she is dependent on the Demon Core embedded in her chest and thus can be killed by entering the Darkness and shooting it repeatedly. Upon her second and presumably final death, Maras' body disintegrates in a burst of light and leaves behind a Blue Gem.

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