The Magic Double Saber is a weapon in the video game No More Heroes. It is a set of beam katanas which each resemble staffs. When active, the beam entwines the Magic Double Saber, and runs between the hilt and the opposite end. Like many other non-standard beam katanas, neither Magic Double Saber features a cross-guard, and as such there is no prevention of the user's hand from sliding up onto his own blade. Magic Double Sabers are also made to symbolize life and death. The hilt of one resembles an angel, and emits a blue, entwining beam, and the hilt of the other resembles bones, and emits a red, entwining beam.

Trading cards[edit | edit source]

The Magic Double Saber appears on three trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are No. 73, No. 74 and No. 142.

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