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Lynthe Ytoo is a character in the video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personality[]

Lynthe Ytoo is an anthropomorphic reptile, possibly an iguana. He wears a bomber jacket as well as a hat reminiscent of a World War II garrisson cap, both of which feature medals and patches from his past service. Ytoo also wears sunglasses, a scarf, gloves and heavy boots and pants as a part of his pilot ensemble. He is seen smoking a cigar in his concept artwork.Ytoo's blood type is A.[1]

Ytoo, betrayed by the Layil Empire, joins the Enkie resistance. While an excellent pilot, he borders on hot-headed, often violently swearing at enemies in the heat of battle. Ytoo and fellow resistance member Akyta Dryad are suggested to have been in a relationship.


Lynthe Ytoo has fought for both sides of the war on Seol. While initially serving as a Collaborationist captain for the 11th Squadron of the Imperial Air Force, Ytoo is wounded during conflict with Enkies and left behind by his squad. Surviving the battle, Ytoo enrolls in the resistance unit led by Akyta Dryad.[1]


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