Lospass Island is the main setting of Flower, Sun, and Rain. It is a Micronesian island, and its name is a portmanteau of the words "lost" and "past," or as the proprietor of the island's hotel, Edo Macalister suggests, an island that has lost its past. Secretly, it is an artificial island controlled by ELBOW to produce Silver Eyes. At the end of the game, the island explodes, but it seems as if Edo Macalister at the very least has made it off safely, as he has one final message for the player, and others may have been able to as well.

The history of Lospass is somewhat hard to pin down. The island is said to have old legends and native people, with European settlers having found it in the 1800s, but if the island is artificial, much of this cannot be true.

The Lospass' main attraction is the resort hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain, which attracts guests from all over the world. The island in general is renowned for its extremely relaxing nature. Off the coast of Lospass is the small additional islet, Eleki Island.

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