Lollipops are items in Lollipop Chainsaw. Juliet Starling uses them to replenish her health, which is represented by a row of lollipops. Unlike the Pizza of No More Heroes, lollipops are not consumed immediately, but rather added to her stash. They can later be accessed from the D-pad, and will restore 50% of her total health (which is, in turn, upgraded by consuming various food items purchased from Chop2Shop.Zom).

Depending on the difficulty level, Juliet is capable of carrying a varying number of lollipops: 9 on Easy Mode, 5 on Normal Mode, and 3 on Hard Mode. Their locations and availability also change with the difficulty level. They can, however, be purchased on all difficulty levels from Chop2Shop.Zom for the price of 30 Zombie Medals.

Lollipops come in a variety of over 40 flavours, which are logged in Juliet's Stash and are viewable in her room. There is a Trophy/Achievement for collecting one of every flavour. Her favourite is strawberry, which she occasionally announces ("Strawberry! My favourite!") when collecting a lollipop, even if the one she has just collected was a flavour other than strawberry.

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