Little John is Jean-Jack Gibson's robotic assistant in the 1994 video game Snatcher and its 2011 radio drama prequel, Sdatcher. He was built for the purposes of aiding Gibson in his occupation as a detective. Later, his basic design was emulated by JUNKER chief mechanic Harry Benson, who built a Navigator personalized to each individual JUNKER field operative.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

As Little John has already been scrapped by Snatchers by the time he is encountered in Snatcher, it is difficult to guess at his true appearance. That said, it is clear that he is a small brown robot, no more than a couple of feet tall.

Little John is generally eager and industrious when it comes about his work, but can be seen as something of a worrier, as he frequently warns Gibson of encroaching or even theoretical danger.

Story[edit | edit source]

In 2044, Gibson is instructed to investigate a strange series of incidents. As always, Little John accompanies him. Gibson meets an informant named Cristian Gainsbourg at the Diner Warsaw. Directed to a Russian ship, he investigates with the help of a cowardly security guard, Steevo. There they meet the mysterious Robin Goodman, who taunts Gibson about "bioroids" before disappearing. With only this new information, Gibson seeks the help of Dominic Blackhead, and eventually uncovers what will ultimately become the conspiracy with which Neo Kobe deals in 2047: Dangerous humanoid robots are murdering powerful individuals and, through advanced technological disguises, taking their place in society. As Goodman has already introduced the Snatchers to the city, Gibson is unable to halt the plan, but does manage to report his findings to the government. In response, it creates JUNKER, a special task force meant to deal with the menace. Thanks to his skills and newfound experience fighting Snatchers, Gibson is made one of its founding members, and Little John is made the template for a series of robots designed to assist its field operatives.

Gibson continues fighting the Snatcher menace for three years, before eventually facing a husband-and-wife Snatcher team. He calls JUNKER HQ for backup, and new recruit Gillian Seed is dispatched to support him. However, by the time Seed arrives on the scene, Little John has been rendered almost completely inoperable and Gibson has been horrifically murdered; the culprits make good their escape, forcing Seed to investigate.

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