"Use your eyes to decipher how the system works. And then... seek the real enemies."
—Linda Vermilion

Linda Vermillion (リンダ・バーミリオン, Rinda Baamirion) is a character in killer7. She is Garcian Smith's second informant, after she is forced to kill his previous contact, Christopher Mills for knowing more than he should have as a contact. She does this using a high-powered sniper rifle, shooting him in the forehead through the windscreen of his car, just as he is about to reveal the secret of Harman Smith and the Union Hotel. She confronts Garcian at the beginning of his next mission, offering an explanation for the life of assassins and their role in the machinations of the government. Although she would seem to be serving the role of informant, meeting him at the Overpass like Mills did, she doesn't appear to give him a mission and Garcian next shows up at Coburn Elementary School seemingly independently.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Linda tells Garcian "you'll soon know who I am", and when Garcian points a gun at her, "see? you already know". However, no more information on Linda is presented anywhere else in the game.
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