This is a list of all thirty Gallery entries featured in Liberation Maiden, also known as Honors. Honors are unlocked by completing various tasks throughout the game, and each provide backstory and information on the world of Liberation Maiden.

Honors NO.01 Liberation MaidenEdit

Made preperations for war.

[1] World History 1:


100 years in the future...

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries
in the world, replete with natural splendor
and calm weather.

But Japan is soon annexed as a vassal
state to "the Dominion," a nation on the
warpath that has been steadily conquering
the world, one country at a time.

However, the long-running war waged by the
Dominion impoverishes its nation, and the
war front shrinks bit by bit.

Seizing the opportuinity, Japan launches
into action in order to liberate the nations
under Dominion rule.

Faced with this crisis,
the Japanese government dissolves the
parliamentary system, seeing the need to
replace the Prime Minister, who has only
limited emergency powers, with a president,
who can act on his own recognizance.

And so, Yokuichiro Ozora, one of the central
figures in the Japanese government, begins
the armed uprising against the Dominion as
First President of Japan.

The resistance builds up its forces,
and is soon poised to retake the country
and its military.

Tragically, while addressing the resistance
movement in a rousing speech,
President Ozora is felled by an assassin's

It seems that all hope of liberation is lost,
but at the urging of cabinet members,
Yokuichiro's daughter, Shoko, is elected
Second President of Japan. The Nation of New Japan is born, and the
parliamentary Battleship Nagata sets out
with Shoko, alongside the Liberator, "Kamui".

Honors NO.02 Strafing MaidenEdit

Manuevered in strafing mode.

[2] World History 2:

Japan 100 Years in the Future

Along with worsening conditions comes
a worsening environment, and the Japanese
government enacts large scale ecological
reforms based on the state of industry.

Their tag line is "Animism-based natural
mechanical engineering."

The government raises the "Guardian Spirits,"
sources of magnetic energy fields whose
harmonic resonance helps raise the quality
of life for the people.

Honors NO.03 World's EndEdit

Reached the edge of the combat zone.

[3] World History 3:

The Dominion

Their radical political philosophy is little
more than a front for spreading their own
ideals and national interests, leading them
to wage war against the entire world.

This came about through the actions of one
individual, the sole ruler of the Dominion
known only as "the Chairman,"
whose ambitions border on madness.

He leads his nation from one war into the next.

The Dominion's might is great, with a full
half of its national budget devoted to
military spending. Meanwhile, a carrot-and-stick
policy is applied to domestic affairs in order
to preemptively prevent any public unrest.

Such is not the case, however,
in their colonies or vassal states.

The nation is structured so that the Prime
Minister's office, headed by the federal
chairman, is the center of civilian power,
with the army and navy providing military
power. However, with the expansionist
reforms combining the two, wartime initiatives
are the source of much discord.

The Chairman commands absolute loyalty.

Honors NO.04 Dancing BladeEdit

Attacked with the Liberator's blade.

[4] World History 4:

The Dominion Invades Japan

The Dominion invades Japan, with the goal
of annexing the Guardian Spirits.

They develop massive "Conduit Spikes",
designed to tap into the powerful magnetic
energy fields of the Guardian Spirits.
They invade Japan's major cities in full force.

With the energy of the Guardian Spirits being
drained by these Conduit Spikes, their power
weakens, and Japan slides into ruin.

The viable territory that remains is garrisoned
with Dominion forces to maintain control.
Their rule is fierce and absolute, and the
people of now-former Japan are at their mercy.

Honors NO.05 Sub Mission MaidenEdit

Completed a Sub Mission.

[5] World History 5:

Dominion Weaponry

Lacking any artistic aesthetics,
Dominion weaponry is designed to show off
its destructive purpose.

Air force technology in this time is lacking,
and modern engines cannot sustain output for
high altitude flights, limiting aircraft to
lower altitudes.

To overcome this, New Japan uses its leading
natural mechanical sciences to design the
Liberator, Kamui, and the Battleship Nagata.

The Dominion has thus far only been able to
harness spiritual energy for propulsion
systems and conversion to laser weaponry.

Honors NO.06 Offensive MaidenEdit

Used all attack variations.

[6] World History 6:

The Guardian Spirits

Japan owes its world-class natural beauty to
the harmonizing energy of the Guardian Spirits,
named for the country's ancient deities.

However, due to the parasitic nature of the
Dominion's massive Conduit Spikes,
the Guardian Spirits are steadily losing
their ability to regulate energy.

Shoko's goal is to destroy all the Conduit
Spikes across the country and restore
the Guardian Spirits' energy.

Honors NO.07 Tokyo LiberatedEdit

Cleared Stage 1.

[7] Stage 1:


The former capital of Tokyo floats atop the sea.

Over the past 100 years, many of Tokyo's famous
landmarks and buildings have disappeared, and little trace
remains of the city from when it served as capital.

Honors NO.08 Kagoshima LiberatedEdit

Cleared Stage 2.

[8] Stage 2:


The vistas here are marked by islands and the sea.

The city boasts the New Tanegashima
Space Center, Japan's largest and the most
stunning aerospace facility in the world.

The Dominion has seized Kagoshima with its
Conduit Spikes in order to take the space center,
which it has been converting to launch its latest
high-powered intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Honors NO.09 Osaka LiberatedEdit

Cleared Stage 3.

[9] Stage 3:


The lights of the industrial zone and
the bright neon of the Dotonbori entertainment
district are the hallmarks of this city.

Part high life, part industry,
Osaka has been an ever-expanding, unique cultural
sphere. Even today, the neon lights of its
entertainment district burn brightly.

The Dominion has taken the city's local
industry and converted it wholly to cutting-edge
weapons development, producing Walkers and
armed aircraft for the war effort.

Honors NO.10 Hokkaido LiberatedEdit

Cleared Stage 4.

[10] Stage 4:


From the snowbound mountains of Daisetsuzan,
one can see auroras dancing amongst a sea of clouds.

After the Guardian Spirits' magnetic energy
fields were drained, the sun was lost in the haze,
and Hokkaido became a frozen wasteland
bombarded by constant snowstorms.

The Dominion has set up railroad systems in
the snowy mountains for materials transport,
in order to prepare in secret for the next
stage of their invasion.

Honors NO.11 Mt. Fuji LiberatedEdit

Cleared Stage 5.

[11] Stage 5:

Mount Fuji

Storm clouds gather as the fight with
the Guardian Spirit above Mount Fuji rages on.

A national spirit of Japan, even after the
country was devastated,
Mount Fuji held strong and proud.

As a source of great Spirit Energy,
the Conduit Spikes are unable to deplete the
mountain's natural resources. After losing
itself in rage, the Guardian Spirit instinctively
returns here, as though to a beacon.

Honors NO.12 Tank MedalEdit

Destroyed 300 tanks.

[12] Enemy 1:

Tank mk I

Dominion weaponry designed for mass production.

These come equipped with hover capabilities,
allowing them to travel atop water
in addition to over land.

Their turrets have a 360-degree firing arc for
targeting nearby enemies.

Honors NO.13 Battleship MedalEdit

Destroyed 50 battleships.

[13] Enemy 3:


Initially designed for naval combat and coastal
bombardment, after discovering the existence
of the Parliamentary Battleship "Nagata",
they have been retrofitted with anti-air missiles.

They are known for being quite sturdy.

Honors NO.14 Cannon MedalEdit

Destroyed 50 cannons.

[14] Enemy 2:

Gun Battery

These ground emplacements have cannons
with a 36-degree firing range, and have been
refitted with anti-aircraft weaponry.

Usually hidden underground, they appear when
they detect nearby enemies, and their radar
tracking systems let no hostiles slip by.

Honors NO.15 Submarine MedalEdit

Destroyed 30 submarines.

[15] Enemy 4:


Originally developed to combat battleships,
these have been upgraded with anti-aircraft
weaponry for when they surface.

Typically they remain underwater, but they
temporarily surface to launch homing missiles.

Honors NO.16 Walker MedalEdit

Destroyed 100 Walkers.

[16] Enemy 5:


These top-of-the-line Dominion war machines
walk along the ground, but also have
quick-acting jump jets and a mechanical sword.

They can attack the flying Liberator "Kamui"
by jumping from the rooftops of buildings.

Honors NO.17 Supply Train MedalEdit

Destroyed 50 supply trains.

[17] Enemy 6:

Turret Train

These trains are designed to transport goods
through the snowy mountains, but some cars
have been outfitted with turrets to fight off
forces from the New Japan resistance.

Honors NO.18 Rookie PilotEdit

Played a total of two hours.

[18] Enemy 7:

Lesser Conduit Spike

300 meters long, their glowing red cores are
their weak point.

They serve to generate the shield for the Greater
Conduit Spikes, supplying the energy through
and underground pipe system called "Energy Veins."

Many of them are hidden, but will surface if
the right location comes under heavy fire.

If the Liberator "Kamui" fires at the Energy
Veins, the flow of energy can lead directly
to a Lesser Spike.

Honors NO.19 Ace PilotEdit

Played a total of four hours.

[19] Enemy 8:

Greater Conduit Spike

600 meters tall, these massive weapons were
developed by the Dominion to sap Japan's
Spirit Energy.

Protected by shields powered by Lesser Spikes,
they possess incredible offensive capabilities
and multiple cores for a redundant weak point
system to prevent them from being easily destroyed.

Honors NO.20 Silver Chain MaidenEdit

Completed over 50 chains.

[20] Character 1:

Shoko Ozora

A normal high school girl in what was once the Nagano
Prefecture, Shoko became the Second President of
New Japan upon her father's sudden death.

She pilots the Liberator "Kamui" in her fight against
the Dominion incursion.

Initially ill at ease in her new role,
she soon throws herself into the fight in earnest with
the support of the people and desire to carry on
her father's legacy.

She desires nothing more than to win back
her country and restore its natural beauty.

Her demeanor is very direct and forthright.

Honors NO.21 Tokyo PurifiedEdit

100% Purification in Stage 1.

[21] Character 2:


The First Secretary under President
Yokuichiro Ozora, after his death,
he becomes First Secretary under Shoko,
as well as her guardian.

During combat,
he also does his best to serve as Shoko's
operator from on board the Battleship Nagata.

He does not coddle Shoko,
and is blunt and straightforward about sharing
his opinions with her.

He is an honest and sincere man.

Honors NO.22 Kagoshima LiberatedEdit

100% Purification in Stage 2.

[22] Character 3:

Yokuichiro Ozora

The first person to call for rebellion against
the Dominion, he became the first President
upon the founding of the New Japan government.

While giving a speech calling for resistance
in the name of Japanese independence,
he was shot and killed by an unknown assassin.

Though he projected a clean image,
he was sometimes caught up in backroom
governmental dealings - all for the greater
good of protecting Japan, of course.

Though his many work duties kept him from
his family, they were never far from his heart.

Honors NO.23 Osaka PurifiedEdit

100% Purification in Stage 3.

[23] Tech 1:

The Liberator, "Kamui"

11 meters tall, this humanoid battle craft is
designed for aerial bombardment.
Shoko rides atop its back.

Its development is the pinnacle of New Japan's
natural mechanical engineering. It takes the
natural energy of the earth's
electromagnetic field to power itself.

Though capable of some autonomous action,
during battle, it requires Shoko's piloting
to be able to attack.

Kamui's attacks harmonize with the energy of
the Guardian Spirits to restore vegetation
to the earth, and it has the power to activate
the Energy Veins.

Honors NO.24 Hokkaido PurifiedEdit

100% Purification in Stage 4.

[24] Tech 2:

Parliamentary Battleship Nagata

When Yokuichiro Ozora and his New Japan
government took over, the Parliamentary
Battleship Nagata was developed in order to
provide the government with
a mobile base of operations.

It is outfitted with conference rooms and
government offices, and carries everyone
necessary in order to run the country.

As a battleship, it is fitted for war,
though Shoko has also planted a garden to
give it a softer edge.

Honors NO.25 Gold Chain MaidenEdit

Completed over 100 chains.

[15] Kamui Attack 1:

Deflector Nodes

Normally takes the form of a shield that
surrounds Kamui from enemy fire, but can
also lock onto targets and be fired like
bullets at the enemy.

Though great for hitting targets, from
lock-on, to firing, impact and recharge,
the shield's power will be weakened.

Perhaps its most striking characteristic
is its ability to lock on to multiple enemies,
doing more damage due to greater magnetic energy.

Honors NO.26 Unscathed MaidenEdit

Cleared a stage without taking damage.

[26] Kamui Attack 2:


One of the Liberator's most devastating
weapons, this blade takes the natural energy
of the earth's magnetic field and amplifies
it by harmonizing with the energy of
the Guardian Spirits in order to unleash
a scath of destructive power.

Because of the huge energy requirements,
this attack cannot be performed in rapid succession.

When Shoko is close to defeat,
if the energy for the blade is charged,
Kamui will automatically activate it to
cut down her foes.

This function is not one that was incorporated
in Kamui's design.

This counterattack is said to occur due to
the spirit of Japan residing within the Liberator,
interacting with Shoko's ardent
desire to free her people.

Honors NO.27 Liberation SaturationEdit

Played the game over 10 times in Normal mode.

[27] Kamui Attack 3:

Sacrifice Drive

This attack is the Liberator's last-resort
weapon for breaking through tough armor that
the Deflector Nodes and laser cannot.

Kamui transforms into a weapon and hurls
itself directly at the target.

However, if a target is not struck quickly,
the Liberator will crash, putting Shoko in
grave danger.

This attack is to be unleashed only when
willing to risk one's life.

Honors NO.28 Liberation SaturationEdit

Played the game over 10 times in Hard mode.

[28] Kamui Attack 4:

Laser Attack

Though the basic Deflector Node attack can
lock on to enemies, there is the issue of
the time it takes to hit. To compensate for
this drawback, a manual targeting laser has
been incorporated as well.

The pilot's task is to know when to use both
the Deflector Nodes and laser attacks situationally.

Though Shoko's aptitude as a pilot has made
the Deflector Node the primary weapon,
the laser was initially intended to serve
as the primary weapon.

Honors NO.29 InaugurationEdit

Cleared Stage 1 in Story Mode.


Honors NO.30 Perfect PresidentEdit

Obtained 100% Approval Rating.


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