The Chameleon Cannon Leonard is a mini-boss featured in Sine Mora. The cannon is fought by GARAI 74/22876 near the start of STAGE - V.A.

The Leonard is an Enkie defense installation situated in Mirage Mountain. Under orders from Ronotra Koss, Myryan Magusa and GARAI travel back in time to the day of Mirage Mountain's destruction to try and change history. GARAI encounters the Leonard and destroys it before moving on.

The cannon is comprised of a central, swivel-mounted unit which features several smaller laser cannons. These are capable of firing concentrated laser beams at targets. The Leonard is also able to call down aerial laser beams, preventing targets from maneuvering effectively. After the Leonard is destroyed, a small white flag can be seen sticking out of a window, waving in surrender.

The Leonard is one of three bosses, along with Scylla and Charybdis, not to appear in Boss Attack mode.

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