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The Layil Empire is a sovereign government in the video game Sine Mora.[1] It demonstrates "global political and economic authority" over the planet Seol, under the leadership of Nessa.[2]


The two main parties of the Layil Empire are referred to as Controllers and Controlled.[3] The former, composed of aristocrats, quickly expanded their influence through the monopolization of technology and solutions to survival in Seol's harsh environment; examples include floating islands across the globe, methods for mining resources and innovations to transportation across Seol.[3] The Layil Empire has enjoyed its sovereignty over the Controlled, working-class inhabitants of the planet, since its influence peaked 80 circles prior to the events of Sine Mora.[3]

The Layil Empire's primary objective has been to consistently assimilate "other administrative divisions," gradually spilling its influence over into other smaller nations.[3] Despite the Layil Empire's sovereign grip over the planet, generally consider their organization over society to be Seol's most economic solution.[3]


Imperial Air ForceEdit

The 11th Squadron of the Imperial Air Force is commanded by Lynthe Ytoo, until his men neglect his injuries and leave him behind on the battlefield, leading him to join a resistance unit.[4]

Imperial GuardEdit

The Imperial Guard is known to command AiBots, built on Mawu to serve their Elite Squadron. One of these machines, GARAI 74/22876, was stolen before this employment and reprogrammed by Ronotra Koss.[5]

Imperial IntelligenceEdit

Argus Pytel is the most talented Imperial Intelligence profiler,[6] most notably using his skills to hunt Ronotra Koss[7] and Akyta Dryad.[8]


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