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Last Shot Smile is the final Heaven Smile in the video game killer7. Three years after Emir Parkreiner re-emerges from his Garcian Smith persona, the Heaven Smile threat has been minimized, and it seems only a single one remains. One of the more timid Heaven Smile breeds, Last Shot Smile flees from Parkreiner until, in the depths of Parkreiner's trailer, he is cornered and revealed to apparently be Iwazaru, whose unobstructed face is shown to be that of Kun Lan.[1] Parkreiner executes the Heaven Smile, permanently absolving himself of Harman Smith's war on Kun Lan forever. It is not entirely clear whether Kun Lan was Iwazaru, and by proxy Last Shot Smile all along, or if Last Shot Smile was a completely separate entity embodying the snare Harman and Kun Lan once had on Parkereiner.


The Last Shot Smile, despite being the last opponent in the game, is simple to take down and impossible to lose to. He must simply be chased down Emir's basement until he is cornered, at which point he can be shot five times.

Hand in killer7[]

Hand in killer7 provides some additional background on the Last Shot Smile. After learning of its existence, FBI agent Jaco Checkbox dubs this member the "Last Smile," surmising that in order for it to appear, 49 of the Miss Jacob device's predictions must occur.[1] Intending to put down this Last Smile himself, Checkbox lobbies his best to cause Miss Jacob's predictions to happen so that the final Heaven Smile will indeed be lured out, becoming one of the most important unseen characters in killer7, as it is he who, foreseeing the Smith Syndicate's "Sunset" assignment, moves ahead to pay Andrei Ulmeyda a visit, ensuring he will taunt the Smiths into coming out to Ulmeyda InterCity for the following assignment, "Cloudman."[1] Checkbox neurotically justifies that, "I know this is confusing. Let me put it this way: imagine that we have forty-nine dominoes set on their ends, in a row. Normally, if we flicked one of the dominoes on the end, all of them would fall over, each knocking down the one after it. However--imagine if there was a chance that any one of the dominoes could stop the chain reaction by NOT falling over. This is the state of affairs, with Miss Jacob's predictions. Even if we reached the forty-eighth domino in the chain, there's no guarantee that the forty-ninth domino would fall over."[1] Johnny uses Samantha Sitbon to implant a subliminal message through Harman Smith, Garcian and into Emir that tells him to kill the Last Smile.


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