Laser Smiles (レーザースマイル, Rēzāsumairu) are enemies featured in killer7. A rare and dangerous variety of Heaven Smile, they are first encountered by the Smith Syndicate in the basement morgue at the Blackburn Residence during Target03: Encounter.

Laser Smiles are one of the more extreme results of Heaven Smile development. Their bodies are strapped to a cart which appears to power a pair of laser goggles fixed to the Smile's eyes. This laser is highly lethal and can strike its target from quite a distance, requiring only a second or two to charge; however, the strain of firing the beam is so great that the Laser Smile will disintegrate by itself shortly after firing. However, if you run into the heaven smile after it fires its laser, it will detonate and kill the persona which explains why Iwazaru says "After firing, they self-destruct. Make sure they're destroyed."

The best way to deal with a Laser Smile, especially in killer8 mode (where the lasers will instantly kill most of the personas), is to kill it before it has a chance to register the player's presence.

The Laser Smile can only fire its beam if it is scanned.

Turning invisible as Kevin and running behind it does not work as a strategy, as this heaven smile turns towards the player even when invisible.

Kess BloodySunday Description[edit | edit source]

  • I haven't told a soul. I had to make a promise. To keep it secret no matter what. Will you believe what I tell you? Do you promise? That monster doesn't move. But if its neck moves, you're in big trouble. Before you know it... you'll go completely blank.

Iwazaru Note Description[edit | edit source]

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Laser. There is no way they chose to be reconstructed like that. They've been bound to a formidable cart, and fire lasers from afar. Now, this is quite a foe. There's no escape from this bugger. After firing, they self-destruct. Make sure they're destroyed. In the name of Harman...

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This music only plays during the first encounter in the Blackburn Residence Vinculum Gate.
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