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The Land of the Sons of ENKY is a region in the video game Sine Mora. It is one of only a few proportionally minor areas of the planet Seol not affected by the rigorous dynamic motion that perpetually shakes the globe.[1] This region takes its name from ENKY,[2] a scientist and philosopher who founded of the monarchy of Atarach[1][2] and the Sine Mora school of time travel.[2] When the monarchy was divided in half during the Fourth Unity, ENKY's supporters founded the Land of the Sons of ENKY, while detractors founded Collaborationism.[2]

The most prominent resistance against the Layil Empire is led by the Enkies native to this region of Seol.[2] Many were captured during combat, while others evade Imperial clutches by manipulating time itself to stage escapes.[2] Neurobiological observations indicate that "through discipline and raw brain energy," the Enkies are able to jump through time, and with further precision, move other objects through time.[2] In spite of this, some Enkies skilled enough to place themselves further or previously in time are not always guaranteed safety from the Layil Empire.[2] Others who escape are known to return to the present day to continue waging battle, result in what is known on Seol as the Eternal War.[2]


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