"Nice to meet you, Mr. Killer Garcian."
—LOVE Wilcox

LOVE Wilcox (愛・ウィルコックス, Ai Wirukokkusu) is a character in the video game killer7. Although still in school, she works for a company called Electro and Line, Inc. creating propaganda. She is a skilled hacker and avid player of online games over the underground version of the Internet, in spite of the Internet having been made illegal.

LOVE was a dedicated fan of Trevor Pearlharbor and his work and was devastated when he was assassinated, resolving to get revenge against his killers. Although Pearlharbor believed that he had control of the real-world incarnations of the Handsome Men in the form of writing his comics, in reality LOVE was controlling them through the Internet. When Dan Smith confronts Pearlharbor at his villa in the Dominican Republic, Handsome Black appears and attacks him, but ends up accidentally shooting Pearlharbor through the chest. Dan fires at and kills Handsome Black, at which point Handsome Red appears, concludes that Dan killed them both, and declares a revenge battle to be held at Broadway, one month later.

This ends up taking the form of an online fighting game that the player has against Kun Lan, who can be seen dropping his controller in defeat after the match. LOVE then appears to congratulate "Mr. Killer Garcian," in spite of thinking that he had killed her mentor. She then reveals that an underground version of the Internet was set up by hackers after international commissions dismantled the original, and provides him with an important piece of information for his next assignment.


  • LOVE Wilcox is one of a few characters, along with KAEDE Smith, MASK de Smith and AYAME Blackburn, whose name was originally written in something other than katakana, the Japanese phonetic script for foreign words and sounds, and therefore has her given name written using capital letters in the English release.
  • LOVE appears when Garcian goes to battle Handsome Pink. It is possible that LOVE is Handsome Pink and her position within their group assisted in her controlling them, a fact possibly further supported that Pink is one of the only two female members of the group. Hand in killer7 supports this interpretation, as it gives the vague statement that LOVE "plays" Handsome Pink. Whether the word is meant to be used in the context of an actor or a gamer is not quite clear.
  • Also according to Hand in killer7, LOVE is a writer for video games, the same role that Suda51 has most often taken on in game development.
  • LOVE has metal implants in her hand in the shape of a triangle, AKA a delta, Harman Smith's first name.
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