For killer7's release, a promotional comic was released in the west, penned by westerners, showing an alternate interpretation of the events of the game. The comic was published by Devil's Due, and was planned to be a full 12-issue story. However, due to the low sales of the game, only four issues were ever made, along with a promotional issue 0. Several killer7 figurines that were also planned to be released as the comic went on were also cancelled for the most part, though the advertisements for both of these potential products can be found in the manual, indicating higher hopes for the games' sales. The comic left off in the middle of the Cloudman chapter.

The comic more or less follows the same plot as the game, only simplified to allow the story to be told faster. There are several minor differences, for example:

  • It skips the Angel chapter (except in the promotional comics) and places the confrontation between Harman Smith and Kun Lan in the comic's version of the Sunset chapter instead.
  • Interestingly, the President of the United States actually appears in the comic and is identified as "Herbert Walker", in contrast to remaining completely anonymous in the game.
  • During the missions, the Remnant Psyches are entirely absent save for Iwazaru, presumably to save time and space.
  • Hiro Kasai is referred to as "Kusai" and meets Garcian Smith in a diner after the events of Sunset, rather than in the middle of. It is here that Garcian receives his message from Andrei Ulmeyda, who is blowing up a "Spike Girls" concert instead of Stacy Spangles'.
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