Kikazaru is a minor character in killer7. He is a Remnant Psyche of Harman Smith, and is the friend and retainer of Iwazaru. Kikazaru assists the Smith Syndicate by searching out Soul Shells. His presence in an area, continually writhing around as if looking for something, signifies that a Soul Shell is somewhere nearby; however, he does not appear to be able to physically acquire the Soul Shells himself. Like Iwazaru, Kikazaru is decked out in bondage gear and appears to be connected at all times to a bungee cord. In addition to his white bondage suit he also wears a black leather mask, giving him a surprising resemblance to Hiro Kasai's appearance at the beginning of Smile. Interestingly, whereas Iwazaru is generally invisible, only descending if the Smiths approach him, Kikazaru is completely visible until the Smiths draw near, at which point his cord will hoist him up and make him disappear. Once a Soul Shell has been collected, Kikazaru will not reappear in that area again.

Kikazaru's name roughly translates to 'Hear no evil', which corresponds to his ears stitched-shut ears. There is a further correspondance to his name; while Iwazaru, 'Speak no evil', only speaks the truth, andMizaru, 'See no evil', destroys false barriers and illusions, Kikazaru is able to locate the vague vicinity of all soul shells, if not precisely, fitting the nature of echolocation and thus hearing. One may conjecture that he hears the original gunshot of the fired bullet, or the scream of the target, long after the deed was done. His personality and background are left completely unexplored.

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