Kauline Grim (シサツコ, Shisatsuko) is a character in Shadows of the DAMNED. She is one of Fleming Whatshisfaces' special guests, and the second-oldest of the Sisters Grim. Kauline is the boss of Act 3-3, where she is fought in the gloomy woods outside the City of the Damned.

Kauline is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee.

Background[edit | edit source]

When she was alive, Kauline lived with her sisters Maras and Giltineon a farm. All three suffered a gruesome fate when Maras one day fell down a well, followed by Kauline when she attempted to rescue her. Their pet collie Au-Au subsequently tried to help them out, but was struck by a bolt of lightning and vaporised into meaty chunks. Giltine slipped on Au-Au's remains and fell headlong into the well, where all three perished soon after. Whatshisfaces, full of admiration for their beauty and moved by the sad manner of their untimely plight, took pity on them and adopted all three sisters, granting them the ability to kill any other being in the underworld permanently.

As Evil As Dead[edit | edit source]

Kauline's only appearance is halfway through Act 3-3, when she suddenly appears and spirits away the deranged Paula through a portal of darkness. Garcia and Johnson are summarily forced to fight her. Like Maras, Kauline wields a scythe and attacks in much the same manner - however, she can also generate duplicates of herself, each of which can deal damage to Garcia. These duplicates will only appear when Kauline generates Darkness, and will likewise vanish if Garcia activates the nearby Goat Lamp. Shooting a duplicate will also cause it to disappear.

To defeat her, Garcia must shoot the real Kauline while avoiding the duplicates' attacks. Each time Kauline's Demon Core is damaged sufficiently, the number of duplicates she generates will increase. Upon her death, Kauline will drop a Blue Gem and Garcia will be free to explore the rest of the marshland outside the City of the Damned.

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