The KAKU building is a location in killer7. It is the United Nations Party headquarters in the United States and the setting of Sunset, Part 2. In this scenario, four canvassers, two from the United States and two from Japan, meet in the basement floor of the KAKU building to try and hash out an agreement over whether or not the United States will honour its written commitments to Japan by deploying the Fireworks missile defence system in response to a number of warheads that have been launched at the island nation. The killer7 receives a tip that Jean DePaul might be found at the KAKU building, and travel there under orders to assassinate him.

At that very moment, Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba, two Japanese nationalists who worked for the reconstruction in the postwar era, are berating UN Party leader Kenjiro Matsuoka for his failure to protect Japan. Agitated, they toss him a revolver and order him to commit suicide. They give him the choice of killing them too as they are "prepared to die". He hesitates, but at the last moment, fires at Kurahashi and Akiba instead, destroying most of their heads and apparently killing them before once more turning the gun on himself. At that moment, Kun Lan appears, and his two superiors, seemingly unaffected, stand once again and continue talking as if nothing had happened, in spite of the loss of much of their brain tissue. It turns out they were Heaven smiles all along. They and Kun comment on the situation, then Kun imparts some of his power to Matsuokaa by placing his God Hand on the base of his neck.

The player is then required to make his way through six floors of the dilapidated building, each of which contains both a Soul Shell and some particular barrier that must be navigated through or around, and which one particular member of the group is particularly well-suited to handle. The dominant colours of the level is blue, contrasting with the red of Restaurant Fukushima from Part 1 of the Target.

Meanwhile, the talks are being negotiated over a game of Mahjong. However, the four canvassers, Jeffers, Dudley, Oota and Kuramoto fail to come to agreement when Kuramoto is found to have cheated, and all four draw handguns, resulting in a sudden Mexican standoff. They all fire simultaneously, and everyone dies. Later on in the level, the player reaches the room where the talks occurred, with all the canvassers dead. After seeing both Susie Sumner and Travis, the player can change the elevator functions to head up all the way to the roof.

Afterward, the killer7 confronts Kurahashi and Akiba in the boardroom seen earlier, and fight them as the end-of-level boss, killing both.

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