K-Entertainment is an establishment in the video game No More Heroes. It is a local corrupt advertising agency in Santa Destroy. The manager will not allow employment to those who are without introduction tickets, which can only be obtained through first working for the Job Center. This is because as a corrupt advertising agency, K-Entertainment entrusts the employment of carrying out assassinations for large sums of money, and as such only high-ranking assassins are applicable as members.

In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the United Assassins Association office is located in the building where K-Entertainment previously operated.

Assassination Gigs[edit | edit source]

After ranking tenth in the United Assassins Association, K-Entertainment is open to Travis Touchdown, where he can take Assassination Gig contracts to kill important personnel, slay thugs under time pressure or battle using only throwing moves, to name a few conditions. More contracts become available as Touchdown's UAA rank rises, culminating with a total of 20 contracts.

Santa Destroy Guide entry[edit | edit source]

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An advertising agency that services all of Santa Destroy's advertising needs. Rumors abound that this is merely a front for a business specializing in contractual assassinations.

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