Juliet Chesterfield is a character who appears in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. She works as a tertiary secretary for the Utopinia corporation.

Appearance and personality Edit

Juliet's portrait depicts an attractive young woman with dark hair and make-up. She is wearing a T-shirt referencing Namco's classic arcade title Mappy, which prompts Travis to remark that she has good taste.

She is demonstrated to be hardworking and cynical, at one point turning down an offer to spend a night in Portugal with a wealthy shareholder on the basis that she had work the following day. In her words, "[if] I get soft in my youth then I’m finished.”

History Edit

Juliet Chesterfield first appears in the "Hell's Chainsaw" scenario of Travis Strikes Back. Travis encounters her inside the Utopiland Amusement Complex, where he grills her for information on Damon Riccitiello's whereabouts. She answers that Riccitiello is away on a business trip and that she cannot disclose his location for confidentiality reasons. Before Travis leaves, he comments on her Mappy shirt.

The next scene is told from Juliet's POV as she's driving home. She elaborates on the minutiae of her job before going on to explain that she had once been a social media influencer who gained some renown streaming old vector games. She was scouted by Utopinia's CEO to head a large vector games project, and she saw a rapid rise through the ranks of the company. She mentions that being a secretary had always been her dream since she was a child, so she requested for the tertiary secretary position to be opened.

She refrains from her musings to grab some ramen at the restaurant VINZUL. She is interrupted by Travis, who joins her at the table and brings up the 2008 Unreal Tournament World Finals. Juliet had made a mistake that resulted in her defeat by Travis, an event which still gives her nightmares; but Travis appreciates that she valued the "beauty in battle" over the win itself.

Juliet correctly guesses that he’s followed her to talk about Riccitiello’s location. She tells him that he smells like blood. He comments that she does as well, implying that she had also been in assassin sometime in her past. However, the conversation convinces her to divulge the CEO’s location on the condition that he can eat more bowls of ramen than she can. He readily accepts, but she tells him she was joking.

She reveals that Riccitiello is on a business trip to a place called City of Split in Croatia. When it becomes apparent that Travis does not know where Croatia is, she mentions that Utopinia is putting on a huge festival with a VIP party the day afterwards. She advises him not to kill Riccitiello, a plea that Travis responds to by saying that he cannot make promises.

There is speculation that this isn't just an original character, but is actually Suda's take on Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, who has become jaded and distanced herself from the happy-go-lucky cheerleader life she used to live.

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