"Sure you got the balls for a shootout?"
—Julia Kisugi

Julia Kisugi is a character in killer7. She is a young Japanese woman who works as an assassin for Japan's Liberal Party.

In the course of her duties she was dispatched to assassinate Toru Fukushima, an ex-member of the Liberal Party who proceeded to become the leader of the rival UN Party, after he cut all ties between Japan and the US by annulling the Asian Security Treaty. The Liberal Party had wanted to extend the Treaty in order to ensure good relations with the American government; however, Fukushima's actions made this impossible, and so Kisugi was ordered to take him out in order to allow the Liberal Party to gain political dominance over Japan and restore its ties with the US. She was also given a second objective: to retrieve the powerful document in his possession known as the Yakumo Cabinet Policy, or Yakumo for short.

To this end Kisugi went undercover at Restaurant Fukushima, posing as Fukushima's secretary. During Harman Smith's meeting with Fukushima, she shoots the elderly politician in the head and threatens Harman in the mistaken belief that he has the Yakumo; in reality, Jean DePaul had already obtained it and fled following his meeting with MASK de Smith. Harman manages to escape, and a short while later the Smiths confront Kisugi amidst the burning wreckage of the restaurant. In a quick-fire shootoff between her and Con Smith she is defeated, but rather than let the Smiths finish her off she chooses to do it herself: after delivering one final warning to the Smiths to beware of the danger posed by the Yakumo she detonates an explosive hidden her in her necklace, killing herself instantly.

Kisugi reappears a year later at Ulmeyda InterCity as a Remnant Psyche; she thanks the Smiths for freeing her from the joyless world of underground killing, revealing that all she had ever wanted were 'simple pleasures' like taking a holiday somewhere sunny like Texas. She then vanishes, having gained some small degree of happiness from the 'triviality of her death', as hand in killer7 puts it.


  • "We've been expecting you. If you will, right this way, please."
  • "A pet of the United States... interesting."
  • "Yakumo will destroy your country... back off before you get hurt."
  • "Better get ready... to die!"
  • "In the underground world, your life is just a commodity. And when your life isn't even your own, you may as well be dead."
  • "Farewell, reaper."
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