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Jeane (ジーン, Jiin) is a character in the No More Heroes series. She is Travis Touchdown's pet kitten, a Scottish Fold. She is Travis' moral anchor and one of the few living things he shows genuine affection for. She is voiced by the series' casting director Kris Zimmerman Salter in Travis Strikes Again. Predating this, her voice was likely provided by actual cats.


Jeane stays at Travis' home throughout most of the series. Although she does not generally affect the plot for this reason, she is always available for Travis and the player to play with in their downtime.

In No More Heroes, Jeane follows Travis to Speed City. During Thunder Ryu's duel against Speed Buster, Jeane distracts Ryu which leads to him getting blindsided by Speed Buster's cannon. She also appears on the bottom stairway outside the Motel "NO MORE HEROES" along with two other cats during the battle with Henry Cooldown.

Jeane reappears in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, having gained considerable weight, motivating Travis to put her on a diet, and playing with her will lower her weight. After Jeane loses enough weight, Travis is inspired by the success of her diet and learns the Step-in Slice maneuver.

Jeane continues to live with Travis in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, seen sitting on the roof of his trailer. Jeane seems considerably bigger than last time, not just in weight but in general size. It's also revealed that Jeane is able to talk.

Trading cards[]

Jeane appears on two trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are Trading Card No. 135 and Trading Card No. 150.

Cultural reference[]

Jeane may be a reference to the stray cat Ryo Hazuki cares for in the video game Shenmue.


  • Touchdown apparently scribbled a drawing of Jeane on his copy of the Santa Destroy Guide.
  • There is only one time that the "Jeane" option cannot be selected while in the living room in No More Heroes. After returning to the motel upon paying the LB$450,000 to fight Speed Buster, Travis receives a phone call from Sylvia telling him where to go for the fight. Upon leaving the motel, Jeane is seen walking out the door of the motel. If, rather than heading to the Rolling Cradle Highway Bus Stop, the player goes back inside the motel, the "Jeane" option will be missing, as she is not currently in the motel room.
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