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Iron Claw Point is a location in No More Heroes. It also appears briefly in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

Iron Claw Point consists of a ramp located on a plateau by the town's west-side bridge, overlooking Body Slam Beach. Here, the Job Center hosts bike events where the goal is to jump off the ramp and fly as far as possible. The Santa Destroy Guide claims that only a small fraction of Santa Destroy residents know the name of Iron Claw Point.

Santa Destroy Guide entry[]

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A very unlucky place. 98% of the population of Santa Destroy does not know its name. The perfect spot for the young and wreckless to test their courage.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle[]

Over the three years, Iron Claw Point remains to be one of the few still standing areas untouched by Pizza Bat, despite the fact the restaurant Eat My Beef is built off shore on a pier over its original cliff. Its ramp gives way to a beach road separated by a delta, that leads to a tall, rounded cliff isolated from the city, barricaded with large towering rocks.