The International Ethics Committee (IEC) is an organization featured in killer7. It is a global peace-keeping organization which ostensibly assists in resolving conflicts around the world; despite this, its ranks consist of agents known as Hyenas and assassins who are trained somewhere called "the Core". Fitting with these shady details, it secretly has a sinister agenda during the events of killer7: to facilitate the destruction of Japan.


To this end it sends one of its assassins trained in "the Core", Jean DePaul to Washington, DC during the events of Target01: Sunset in order to eliminate Liberal Party assassin Julia Kisugi and prevent Toru Fukushima from being killed, so that the UN Party remains in control of Japan (the logic being that as long as the UN Party remains in power, Japan continues to become more and more isolated). DePaul also manages to retrieve the Yakumo, although it somehow subsequently passes into Kenjiro Matsuoka's hands.

The IEC then dispatches DePaul to the KAKU Building with orders to assassinate members of the Liberal Party - Kuramoto and Ohta - who are still attempting to press the US into assisting Japan by extending the Asian Security Protocol. However, MASK de Smith catches DePaul before he can reach the delegates, and DePaul commits suicide. Ironically, the IEC's wishes are granted despite DePaul's failure, and Japan is obliterated.

Following the events of Sunset, the IEC is subsequently involved with the colonization of the islands by Russian and Asian settlers. hand in killer7 mentions that the IEC ends up occupying or indirectly controlling the islands of Hokkaido and Kyushu, and is currently holding talks with the US in Singapore over the fate of Honshu.

It is never explicitly stated in either the game or in hik7 why the IEC is so keen to destroy Japan and repopulate it with immigrants from other Asian countries, although its attempts to retrieve the Yakumo - which is then transferred to Matsuoka - suggest the committee is possibly another proxy for Kun Lan. Alternatively, the global nature of the organization and the name "Hyenas" suggest a possible connection to ELBOW.

The majority of IEC agents are apparently not particularly well-regarded, with Travis Bell referring to them succinctly as a 'motley crew of rejects'.

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