ISZK (sometimes written ISZKTEC) is an electronics manufacturer in many older Grasshopper Manufacture games. It appears in Michigan: Report from Hell, killer7, BLOOD+ One Night Kiss and No More Heroes. They develop numerous products, such as televisions, air conditioners, laundry equipment, door locks and cassette players. In the world of killer7, ISZK seems to produce nearly all of the world's electronics, as almost everything carries the brand. This is due to their original analog products gaining a raise in popularity as analog electronics became the norm post-the supposed world peace. Travis Touchdown's Santa Destroy motel room contains an ISZKTEC television, though its brand name is only referenced in the game's instruction manual. ISZK is likely a reference to art director Akihiko Ishizaka.

Hand in killer7 reveals through one of Jack Foley's articles that the corporation was founded by and named after Taka Ishizaka in 1959 and was originally known as "Ishizaka Electronics" before changing to "Ishizaka Corporation", and eventually became known as merely the ISZK group. ZaKa TV is one of their products, as well as obviously ISZK Land and less obviously a music label that owns the rights to the music of Stacy Spangles. Taka was later succeeded by the second president, his son Steve Ishizaka.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • ISZK was originally referred to as the ZaKa Group in Michigan: Report from Hell. killer7 and Hand in killer7 fleshed out the conglomerate as ISZK and connected it back to ZaKa TV.
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