hopper7 is a bonus game mode in killer7. It is unlocked by completing killer8 mode. As with killer8, the title screen will change upon startup, this time to a green hopper7 logo. It is essentially an altered version of Target00: Angel.

Face the SwarmEdit

hopper7 is virtually identical in every way to the regular killer7 mode - except for its difficulty level, "Face the Swarm". This replaces every single normal Heaven Smile with Hoppermen (including during cutscenes), who appear as men dressed in black shorts, black-and-white striped t-shirts and who wear large green grasshopper outfits on their backs. They do no more damage than regular Heaven Smiles, and can be killed instantly with a single shot. Micro Smiles, Camellia Smiles, the Duplicator Smile and the Speed Smile are all unaffected.

The mode is otherwise completely unchanged from the killer7 mode, and as such still features hint icons on the map, regular difficulty in reviving personas etc. Unfortunately, Young Harman Smith cannot be played in this stage. The boss fight with the Angel and Harman's subsequent confrontation of Kun Lan are unaffected, although the final ending splash screen is different to the one featured in the regular version of Angel, instead displaying a simple 'Complete' on the screen. Similarly, the 'Exterminated Smiles' screen will instead display 'Exterminated Grasshoppers'. Completing hopper7 does not unlock anything.

A "Heaven Smile" might be laughing right beside you.

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