Holbert (ホルバート, Horubaato) is a character in killer7. An FBI agent in the direct employ of the United States government, he was sent to investigate the political machinations occurring at Coburn Elementary School at the time of Emir Parkreiner's enrollment. By locating and listening to cassette tapes found throughout the institution, the player gradually learns his story.

Shortly after arriving at the school, Holbert began to record his findings in cassette tapes, having quickly found that the school had "a lot of dirt" in regards to the recent presidential elections. However, as he came too close to learning the truth about the United States shadow government run by the Ministry of Education, he found himself pursued by Parkreiner, whom he rightly claimed was a dangerous criminal and government agent himself. Continuing his investigation even as he fled throughout the school, Holbert learned more and more about Parkreiner's past, finding that his records have been utterly falsified, and seemingly lost his rationality and sanity in the process. In the end, he discovers the truth about Coburn Elementary School and the role it plays in US politics, after which Parkreiner finally killed him.

Holbert is likely a reference to the TV series Twin Peaks. The protagonist, Dale Cooper, is also an FBI agent investigating possibly paranormal activity who records his findings into a tape recorder.

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